T-Mobile Customer Service is an EPIC FAIL!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

.•*ღ The White Flag has not been raised

Yes I know, I have been lacking in updates, but it does not mean I have thrown in the white flag. No way in heck I would do that, especially with the responses I have received from other wronged consumers!

Unfortunately I have been preoccupied with work and computer issues, but I will not stop! I am only one of who knows how many thousands of consumers who have suffered such deceptive behavior and it needs to stop!

So as for updates....

I have completed the first draft of my 93A letter, and the 4-page long letter is currently being reviewed by an attorney (personal perks). It will be out by next weekend.

Since my letter to the Collection Agency, I have received no calls, no letters, nor any other type of blemish on my credit score, which I have checked. It's great to know your rights as a consumer! It's so disgusting how Collection Agencies purposely take advantage of consumers' lack of knowledge concerning their rights.

Although I have no longer experienced any harassment from collections, I have received a bill directly from T-Mobile. It was my final bill for the week of service I had before I canceled, they even charged me for the time they had suspended my service. These people are hilarious. They expect to pay for the bill, but... they canceled my access to my account online so I can grab any of my information. Who would think that my desire to help the earth by going GREEN and eliminating paper waste would result in T-Mobile trying to screw me over.

Until this dispute with T-Mobile is resolved, it's going to continue to annoy the heck out of me, but I must admit that it has helped me learn a lot about consumer rights. In the weeks since my dispute with T-Mobile began, I have started helping several clients from the office where I'm employed, put an end to harassment from collection agencies. I have received so many emails from clients expressing their gratitude for personally taking the effort to help them, that my employer has decided to adopt this as a office practice. I've written so many notices to collection agencies in the past few weeks that I decided to create a template for them. (Which I intend to share on my next post)

As cheesy as it sounds, I'm touched each and every time I receive an email from a client to report the end of the harassing phone calls. It's amazing how was small act can help lift a person so much....

Anyways... Since they can't report to any credit agencies without informing me, it's one less thing to worry about while I continue my fight against T-Mobile.

Unfortunately, I still have a lot work left to do, so I will share some tips on how to forward your own letter to Collections on my next post as well as some information on my 93A letter.

Until then.....



  1. you are the biggest loser ever stfu u are not helping anyone your just another person that has to bitch and moan and b a lil a-hole....so please get a damn life and stop this nonsense

  2. Do you have any updates on your case? I'm experiencing a similar issue with T-Mobile, right down to the incredibly rude Executive Customer service rep who interrupted me rather than letting me explain the situation. If you've managed to get results, I'd love to know how. Thanks for chronicling your troubles.

  3. It's not only on your side of the pond that T-Mobile customer service is a joke. I live in Slovakia and since signing up for T-Com's internet service last September, I have yet to receive an invoice. I have been to the shop (x5), completed amendment forms (x3), been lied to, been fobbed off and of course, been disconnected every other month because I can't actually pay the bill if I haven't received it.
    I have written to T-Com and given two months notice due to their abysmal account management but I'm expecting to get something back saying there are still 6 months left on my contract.

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  5. I've had tmobile for a while and did not have any complants until rescently...... on oct 28 of 2010 I went to tmobile to get a new number.... I needed to change it because of harassing calls... for someone that was not me.....I went to the store and they told me that I would have to get a new plan that they couldn't. Just give me a new number... well I went along with it... they said since they were ending my service to start a new one I wouldn't have to pay the 200 $ in cancellation fees... .. I was happy about that.. so I continued to set up my new plan....keep in mind the old account was set up on easy pay...they told me they would cancel my old plan that day... .. at the time I was wprking3 jobs and going to scholl full time... on dec 29 2010.. I fpund out my bank had charged me over draft fees...tmobile had withdrew money from my account since oct to dec... and didn't cancel my old phone like they said they would....plus the cancelation fee. Is now in collections.... I really wish I would have took time out and caught this way earlier but I'm young and this whole thing is a bad way to learn... .. now with my new phone...I have a my touch.. I have had the plan since that oct almost a year now... and the phone I'm on now is the 4th replacment since I've had the phone...the software sucks... I do not have not dropped it or droped it in water.. I am careful with my things... well today I found out that they are charging me for my new phone... because the old one I sent in had damage to it... but they won't specify on what the danage is... which is a complete LIE..... I pay every month for a warrenty / insurance on my phone... and now my phone is out of warrenty because its damaged... AND I DIDN'T DO IT..... THERE LIEING TO GET MONEY NOW..... my phone got stuck on the main screen and that's it.. I had to get. A new one...I'm really fed up.. they won't give me my money back from the old account... I still have to pay for the cancelation fee and now I have to pay for a damaged phone that I didn't damage.... they only mistake that they resolved that they made ... was them double charging me for my unlimeted internet on my only phone... so I had 2 unlimeted internet plans on one phone.... some one please hekp... I don't know how to handle this... they don't listen they hang up... and then they say they will reslove it then they say they can't.. the store knows me by name they won't handle there mistake... and when I call customer service they run me arround.. I'm fed up.. I've been dealing with this since dec of 2010.... not a happy camper

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  7. I think their quality of serviced dropped when they outsourced service reps based in other countries. Today we talked to Filipinos but it seems they are geared in trying to resolve the problem before referring the case to a rep based in the US. Hey I'm Filipino but I feel I rather talk to a rep based here.

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