T-Mobile Customer Service is an EPIC FAIL!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

.•*ღ Entire Board of T-Mobile Execs Reviews Customer Account in less than 24 Hours?

Yeah right.

But that is what the T-Mobile customer service representative expected me to believe when he left me a voice message earlier today.  After sending out a massive EECB to the following people:

Robert Dotson
President and Chief Executive Officer

Cole Brodman
Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

Brian Kirkpatrick
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Dave MillerSenior Vice President and General Counsel

Larry Myers
Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer

Denny Post
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
John Birrer (The only person who actually responded)
Senior Vice President Customer Service
12920 SE 38th Street
Bellevue, WA 98006
Desk 425-383-6072

Neville Ray
Senior Vice President, Engineering Operations
Executive Response Team

and also...

Investor Relations

René Obermann
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Rene.obermann@telekom.de

Hamid Akhavan
Board member for T-Mobile, Product Development, Technology and IT

Manfred Balz
Board member for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance

Reinhard Clemens
Board member for T-Systems
Guido Kerkhoff
Board member for South Eastern Europe

with CCs to:

their PR company
Waggener Edstrom

plus some news outlets... why not?

ABC News


NBC Nightly News


Fox News

So with all the information I have provided on this blog, and through my conversations with an entire flock od incompetent customer service representatives- Ralph, expects me to believe that the entire Executive Board reviewed my account and agreed that they did nothing wrong.

The following images are visual representations of what I think of this statement:

I'm sure T-Mobile thought this guy is a deadbeat too right? All us loyal customers are.

Yeah you can... go stick it.

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  1. As T-mobile customers for 8 years, my husband and I decided to upgrade our phones to the Samsung Memoir in February 2010. We changed our plan to a family plan and added a second line to our service. The camera was good on the Memoir, but the call quality itself was very weak and inferior. After speaking with T-Mobile customer service regarding the issue, they offered to send us Behold II phones as a replacement. When the phones arrived, we had issues with loosing contacts. The phones would say, "synchronizing, try again later" and render our contacts useless for hours at a time. We contacted T-Mobile customer service and technical support regarding this issue. They finally agreed to send us replacement phones and waive the shipping fees (so we were told, our current bill shows we were charged for shipping/handling). Once the new Behold II phones arrived, we immediately began having the same issue of contacts not being accessible. In addition the phones would power down automatically and drop calls. At this point we had invested quite a bit of money and time in these phones (and accessories) and were understandably frustrated! We contacted T-Mobile customer service again and were told we would have to get the same phones through the manufacture's warranty (and pay shipping charges) or pay to upgrade to a new phone. We sent an email to T-Mobile Corporate office and received a phone call from Jason Moten, T-Mobile Executive Customer Relations Department. When I explained to Mr Moten the issues we were having with the phones and the lack of support with customer service, he became arrogant and condescending and stated in so many words that the buck stopped with him and he wasn't willing to send us replacement phones (at no cost) or let us out of our contract (waive fees). I explained the fact that for the last 8 years we have been loyal customers and never had a complaint until now. We expect to be treated fairly and have COMPARABLY Priced phones (as our original Memoirs) shipped to us at no expense. There is obviously a glitch in the Behold II, and we do not want to try a third set. Mr Moten simply repeated himself again, and had already made his mind up he was not willing to attempt to rectify this situation. When I stated I would be forced to file complaints against T-Mobile, Mr. Moten responded with a very cavalier attitude that all the complaints would end up back with him and the outcome would be the same. I then asked for another Executive Customer Relations Representative to assist me because I felt there was a conflict of attitudes with Mr Moten, he refused and said I had to deal with him. Funny how your "C" rating with the Better Business Bureau reflects that attitude. Maybe you need to revamp your websites'(Code Of Conduct) which claims:
    "We are passionate about our Customers' satisfaction. We are considerate of their valuable time and hard-earned money. We strive to find ways to improve customer service."

    Jason Motens' pompous, arrogant attitude is going to end up being a liability for T-Mobile. The company would be better served by hiring a team of Compassionate Professional Executive Customer Relation Reps that truly care about the direction of the company and the customers they service. Afterall the customers are the reason they have a job in the first place!


Please let me know if you've experienced similar frustrations as a consumer. I'd love to hear what your thoughts.